Streamline Simulations offers customized 3D Forklift solutions by modifying our standard hardware and software offerings to create a unique training platform specific to the needs of your organization. We can integrate virtually any aspect of your facility or operations into our OSHA-based curriculum.



  • We can build any forklift model or brand
  • Various lever configurations (lift, forks spread, mast tilt, side shift, etc.)
  • Viewing systems: Up to 80" monitors, tri-screen, Oculus and HTC Vive (coming soon)
  • Haptic-enabled steering wheel available 
  • Proprietary motion platform available
  • ...and more! 
Streamline Simulations can fully customize our base cab.


  • We can recreate your facility, racks, loads, pedestrian traffic, forklift traffic, and any object unique to your operations
  • Custom modules built to mimic your daily operations so that operators can train on the exact processes they do daily
  • Violations, infractions, scoring system, and database reporting can be modified
  • ...and more!
3D Forklift software can be customized to any forklift application.

we work closely with clients to make sure every aspect of 3D FORKLIFT CUSTOMIZATION is BUILT to their expectations. CONTACT US ABOUT CUSTOMIZING YOUR OWN 3D FORKLIFT SOLUTION.